About Us

HOKU Wireless is a Trade Name. The name of the parent company is HBS Integration Group Inc. HBS Integration Group Inc., was formed in Hawaii in 2004. In the early years, HBS specialized in providing GPS enabled phones that could capture Time & Attendance, Delivery and Fire Extinguisher data as well as other difficult to capture data at remote job sites. This methodology was dubbed, the “Wireless Tracking Solutions” (WTS) and was patented in 2004.

In later years, HBS began renting GPS enabled phones to tourists under the trade name, HOKU 247 and Hoku Wireless. The idea was to readily pinpoint the whereabouts of tourists in cases of emergencies. Today, HOKU Wireless is a full service SIM CARD and DATA provider in Honolulu, Las Vegas and other major cities in the US. Hoku Wireless provides services to meet the challenges of tourists who desire inexpensive solutions to their cell phone and internet needs during their stay in Hawaii.

HOKU Wireless offers full range of generic and brand products (T Mobile, ATT, and Verizon) and services that include No Contract-No Credit Check Unlimited Prepaid Plans. We also offer Smartphones of various brands as well.